5 Reasons Why You Should Get Engagement Photos

Engagement Session

You’ve probably seen loads of couple’s engagement photos around the internet and just as many articles and blog posts showing you what to wear, how to pose, and detailing the process in general. But what is the actual significance of having an engagement photo shoot? Is it necessary? How does it benefit you?

Like most wedding-related things, it’s totally optional and up to the couple on whether or not they want to participate. Nothing is ever necessary (except the marriage license, of course!), but I do believe having engagement photos taken is a great idea and a worthwhile investment.

So, whether your wedding photographer includes a free engagement session in your wedding package (like I do) or you’re trying to decide whether you want to invest your money into getting these kinds of photos taken, here are 5 reasons why engagement photos are significant and why I believe you should say “Yes!” to the opportunity.

1 – You’ll Have Nice Pictures of the Two of You

When was the last time you had professional photos taken of you and your fiancé? If you’re like most people, probably never. Sure, you might have some cute couple selfies and maybe some Christmas photos your Mum took last year, and those are worth cherishing. But wouldn’t it be great to have some pro photos taken that you can frame and decorate your home with?

Having actual photos, the kind you can hold in your hands, is a priceless thing. It’s kind of like a paper book versus an e-book. The e-book might be convenient, but there’s nothing like holding a real, physical book in your hands.

It’s the same with engagement photos. You’ll have digital copies, of course, but you’ll also have professional quality photos of the two of you that you can use in your home and add to your wedding album. You can also use them in your save-the-dates!

2 – You Get to Know Your Photographer and Vice Versa

One of the best ways to get to know your wedding photographer is to hire him or her as your engagement photographer. This benefits the both of you, as your photographer will be able to learn your couple personality, find which poses work best, and get a general idea of how to work with you to get the best photos.

An engagement photo session can lead to trust, comfort, and a relationship between you and your photographer that’s deeper than one that exists between a couple and a photographer that just shows up at their wedding.

3 – The Photo Shoot Acts as a Practice Round

Oftentimes, couples find it a bit awkward to pose and “act” romantic in front of the camera. It may seem like a natural thing, that one should be able to get in front of the lens and just do one’s thing, but in reality, it’s actually a strange feeling if you’re not used to it.

An engagement photo session is a great way to practice posing and get comfortable having your photo taken before the wedding day. It acts as a sort of practice round that also offers you the bonus of getting engagement photos.

4 – Your Wedding Photos Will Turn Out Better

There is a good chance that if you have engagement photos taken, your wedding photos will come out better and the whole process will run more smoothly. Why? Because as I mentioned above, you’ve already built a relationship with your photographer and there is a level of trust and comfort. You’ve already strutted your stuff in front of the lens, gotten comfortable posing and talking with your photographer, and know how to work with each other. This type of relationship leads to more genuine emotions and results in more beautiful images.

5 – You’ll Enjoy Looking Back at the Photos

Some people ask, “Why do I want engagement photos when I’ll have so many beautiful wedding photos?” Because engagement photos offer a different view and act as another way to document your love story.

Your wedding photos will likely be formal, whereas engagement photos are typically more casual, lighthearted, and fun. They will look just as beautiful next to your wedding day photos and you’ll enjoy looking back on them years from now.

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