10 Often Overlooked Wedding Planning Dos and Don’ts

Bride and Groom Speeches Sunset Wedding

If you’ve been engaged for some time, you’re probably aware of the most popular wedding planning dos and don’ts: create a budget, book far in advance, don’t experiment with hair/makeup too close to the big day, delegate tasks, have fun, etc. But there are some wedding planning details that often don’t get noticed until it’s too late.

Fortunately, you’ve landed on this page and have the inside scoop on those overlooked wedding planning dos and don’ts. Put them into action and you’ll be prepared for the shining moment.

1 – DO Put Money Aside For Unexpected Charges, Hidden Costs, and Small Budget Items (Like Postage Stamps)

2 – DON’T Take Too Long to Make Decisions or Second-Guess Yourself

It doesn’t matter if you have three months or one year to plan, you can’t dilly dally or remain indecisive for too long. And when you do make a decision, don’t ruminate over it and second-guess your choice. You’ll drive yourself mad. Make firm decisions and trust yourself.

3 – DO Keep Track of Your Budget

It’s easy enough to book the big-ticket items, plug them into a spreadsheet, and call it a day, but all those little expenses add up, as well. Don’t let these things fall through the cracks.

4 – DON’T Cut Costs on Photos

Okay, it may seem like I’m a little biased on this subject, but honestly, there are so many couples who regret not hiring a professional photographer/videographer for their wedding day. A quick Google search will confirm my statement. Besides your memories, the photos and videos will be the only things that remain from your big day. There’s a lot of value in that!

5 – DO Make an Appointment With the Stores You Want to Register With

You can’t always just show up and expect to register your items. Call ahead to make sure the date and time you’d like to stop in will be available.

6 – DON’T Forget to Look Over Your Stationery

Whether you go the DIY route or have a designer, be sure to look over your invitations, programs, menus, etc. to make sure the grammar and info is correct.

7 – DO Have a Rain Plan

So it’s a summer wedding in the midst of a drought? Have a rain backup plan anyway. You just never know what the weather will do, especially in Adelaide, so it’s better to have a plan and not need it than to need it and not have it!

8 – DON’T Overlook Transition Details

If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, make sure you know how your important items (purse, wallet, etc.) are getting there. If you need to, hand them over to a wedding party or family member for safekeeping.

9 – DO Rehearse the Ceremony

Ease your mind by knowing the “choreography” of your ceremony. Knowing who goes where at what time will prepare both you and your wedding party members for the special moment.

10 – DON’T Neglect Your Vows

There are a couple of don’ts for those who plan on writing their own vows. 1) Don’t leave writing them until the last minute, and 2) Don’t skip memorising them. The second don’t is especially important to keep in mind because you’d be surprised at how easy it is to go totally blank when you’re the centre of attention. 

Prepare yourself by practicing speaking your vows out loud as many times as you need until you feel comfortable. And practice them again the morning of the ceremony. Knowing them by heart also allows you to look into your partner’s eyes while you speak them. 

Check out more of my helpful tips and resources for your wedding day. Or if there’s something I haven’t covered, get in touch and ask away!