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At Solemate Studios, we are a team of talented and down-to-Earth creatives who can't wait to party with you on your big day! Our team is made up of a group of photographers and videographers who are experts in making couples feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We've been in your shoes. We know how stressful wedding planning is... But your photography shouldn't be, so we make sure to make the process as much fun as possible. One way we ensure that our couples enjoy the best photographic experience possible is through forming a comfortable and open relationship from the get-go (trust us - you could tell us your dirtiest goss and it wouldn't be weird at all). 

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At Solemate Studios, it's not a typo!
We believe that your spouse isn't just a soulmate;
they're your 'sole' mate - your one and only 

“Confidently Luxurious yet Organically Timeless. 
Meticulous in the Approach yet Effortless in the Results.”

our ethos

At Solemate Studios, we believe in the power of genuine interactions and the beauty of capturing timeless moments. With a focus on fun and authenticity, we strive to create photographs that tell a story and evoke emotions. Our prompt-based approach is casual yet meticulous, allowing us to capture the essence of each moment with what seems to be an effortless click of a button.

Our ethos is rooted in sophisticated modernity and classic elegance. We understand the importance of staying current with the latest trends while honouring the timeless beauty of traditional photography. This balance allows us to create images that are not only contemporary but also possess a timeless quality.

Through our lenses, we aim to capture the magic in authentic candid connections. We believe that the true essence of a photograph lies in capturing genuine emotions and creating a visual narrative that resonates with both the subjects and the viewers. Our photographs are a testament to the power of storytelling and the ability to freeze fleeting moments in time.

We aim to provide a memorable experience for each and every client. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of images, we ensure that every step of the process reflects our commitment to luxury and personalisation. Our goal is to create photographs that not only capture the beauty of the moment but also preserve the emotions and memories associated with it.

At Solemate Studios, we believe in the power of genuine interactions and capturing timeless moments with a focus on fun and authenticity.

Using a prompt-based approach, we capture the magic of authentic candid connections, believing that the true essence of a photograph lies in genuine emotions and a compelling visual narrative. We balance current trends with the elegant beauty of traditional photography, producing images that are both modern and timeless.

From the initial consultation to the final delivery of images, we ensure that every step reflects our commitment to luxury and personalisation. Our goal is to create photographs that not only capture the beauty of the moment but also preserve the emotions and memories associated with it.



Your investment starts at $1400 for 2 hours of elopement coverage, and $2800 for 4 hours of wedding coverage. All wedding collections are fully customisable so if you would like to change, swap or add any element, let's work together to create the ultimate collection for your wedding day. 

One last thing... If you are considering us to capture your big day, we don’t take that lightly. We do not accept every wedding we're approached to photograph because it's really important that we connect and have fun together! 

So if you read our About page and you're screaming YASSSS after reading everything, then girl, GET IN OUR INBOX. Let's do this!

Generally we reserve weekends for all-day weddings so we tend to only book elopements on weekdays; however, on some occasions we may be available to photograph your weekend elopement. Please reach out and we can let you know our availability!

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia, but we love to travel! We charge travel fees between $850 and $1000 for interstate weddings which covers all of our travel expenses. No hidden costs. We also occasionally offer free photography for certain destination weddings so please enquire to see if we're covering your location! Please get in touch for overseas travel enquiries as these require further customisation. 

Here in South Australia, we travel all around Adelaide and the surrounding wines regions such as Mclaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills & Coonawarra | Kingsford The Barossa | Mandalay House & Garden | Woodburn Homestead | Villetta Porcini | Glen Ewin Estate | Lot 100 | Plant 4 Bowden | Bloom Thebarton | Waverley Estate | Golding Wines | Barrister’s Block Wines | Sunnybrae Estate | The National Wine Centre | Maximillian’s | The White House Hahndorf | Carrick Hill | Saltram Wines Estate | Lloyd Brother’s Wines | Paxton Wines | The Manor Basket Range | House on Haines | Lake Breeze Wines | Al Ru Farm | Katnook Wines | Koonowla Wines | Beach Road Wines | and so many private properties.

During our initial phone call or FaceTime, we will take the time to learn about you as a couple and as individuals. This process helps us match you with the team members who we believe would be the best fit for your wedding. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the professionals who will be capturing your special day. You will be informed of your assigned team members approximately 1-2 months prior to your wedding, along with their dietary requirements so you can inform your caterers.

No matter which team member shoots your engagement or wedding, all of your photographs will be edited by Laila, our Director. This helps all of our work remain consistent with the Solemate Studios style that you see across our portfolio. Most of your photographs will be in colour, but some will be black and white. We love vibrant, warm colours, and beautiful skin tones are extremely important to us. While we have a rather consistent editing style, we do let the mood of the session and the individual photograph inspire our editing, in order to bring out the emotion in each moment captured.

Yes! We believe that engagement sessions are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and build a connection with your photographer before the big day. We also love giving you the option to use a photograph from your engagement session on your wedding invitation or save-the-date. Because this connection is so important to us, engagement sessions are included in our photo and video packages, free of charge! Once you've booked your wedding with us, we can organise your engagement session anytime before the big day, whether it be 2 years or 2 days.

We used to have a strict cap on delivered photographs but found that we didn't have the freedom to capture the little candid moments during the day for fear that we would exceed the maximum number of images we could deliver. So we got rid of the cap! You can expect to receive around 100 fully edited high-resolution JPG photographs per hour, plus smaller versions perfect for online sharing. Feel free to share, print, and post these photos as much as you like—there are no watermarks or encryptions, so they are entirely yours to use as you wish. Your photos will also be backed up on our servers, but we highly recommend downloading and storing them securely as well.

Yes, we do. In the very unlikely event that your assigned photographer or videographer is unable to attend, we have contingency plans in place. Another experienced team member will be contacted to step in on their behalf. This is one of the many advantages of booking with a team rather than an individual. You can rest assured that all of our photographers and videographers shoot in a similar style, and each team member meets our high standards. If this situation arises, all photos and videos will still be edited by our in-house editor, ensuring the final product maintains the consistent editing style and quality that reflects the Solemate Studios aesthetic you know and love.

We like to spend the time needed to ensure that your photographs are perfect. This includes applying a custom edit, individually retouching every photograph, backing up your gallery, and designing custom artwork. You can expect to receive your gallery approximately 6-10 weeks after your wedding. We understand that this is a long wait; however, we will always post a sneak peek shortly after your wedding so you have something to share while the day is still fresh.  

We do not deliver the unedited raw negatives. A raw file is the unprocessed, uncompressed and unedited image that our cameras make. Think of it as the ingredients... It contains everything required to create a finished image, but it isn’t the finished image in and of itself. The editing process is as much a part of the service as the photography itself. A great deal of effort goes in to ensure that the colours and style of your images remain consistent throughout the day. The editing of an image is a very personal process and it’s a part of our creative workflow. Our photographs wouldn't have the same emotion-evoking and intimate feel without the carefully considered adjustments that we make.

If it's expected to rain during your engagement session, we can always postpone it. But... If you're a real thrill-seeker like we are, we could go ahead with the session and get absolutely drenched! You could flick your wet hair around and have romantic kisses in the rain. This gives off a really wild-and-carefree vibe which can nicely contrast your elegant and clean wedding photographs. We also have some cute umbrellas that we bring whenever the weather's looking a bit gloomy as an option if you aren't keen on getting completely soaked. If it's a sweltering hot day, we usually suggest holding off on your formal portraits until later in the evening when the sun starts backing off. Otherwise we can always do your photos session inside the venue where it's (hopefully) air-conditioned!

We typically do not meet face-to-face before booking. However, we do prioritise having a FaceTime or phone call to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. This allows us to discuss your vision, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that our styles and expectations align perfectly. We believe that connection is everything, and this initial chat is perfect for establishing a strong foundation with one another. Reach out below!

your photographs are the only things you get to take home after your big day, so Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Most Important moments Won't Be Missed

Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Most Important moments Won't Be Missed

absolutely 100% worth the investment

Jess + Kyle

every photo tells a story, and the attention to detail
in each shot is absolutely incredible

the attention to detail is absolutely incredible

Naya + Sinan

If only there were more than 5 stars.
100/10 would recommend


Shai + Matt

so much better than we ever could have hoped


amy + Jack

Laila and her team are bloody amazing

Chelsea + ash

She Hyped Us Up And Was Always Cracking Jokes

Diana + Pak

They brought Great vibes and had my whole bridal party laughing

Bec + Tom


Simone + Shaun

we can't believe how fun and natural it felt


Nothing but stress free

Nicki + Mick


Danni + Jamie






She Made The Whole Day So Easy

Nick + Jumi


Connection is everything. Creating a genuine connection with you from the get-go is our top priority.

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