Simone and Shaun

Simone and Shaun’s wedding was a perfect combination of traditional church and modern barn vibes. After the formalities, we headed out to Moana beach for couples photos (no, we didn’t get in the nude…) and captured some incredible views of the ocean which also turned out to be a stunning backdrop for their vintage wedding car. But back at the reception was where the party was at!

The wedding party was full of giggles, even as we attempted to take some editorial, straight-faced photos (“resting bitch face photos” as I like to call them)… We ended up making an Instagram reel instead and headed back to the reception where Simon and Shaun’s mothers, as hard as they tried, could not stop crying tears of joy for their newly married babies! This, in turn, had me going, and then obviously Simone and Shaun too! But the hardest part of the night was seeing Simone’s family up on the projector where they sent their love and well wishes to the new couple from Ireland. 

As difficult as it is to be apart from loved ones, especially during such an important life event, I hope the photographs and wedding video help to share the special moments with those who cannot be here in person.