Our Preferred Adelaide Wedding Vendors

A preferred vendor is just that – a supplier who we prefer to work alongside! These local small businesses have done many weddings and special events and are among the best in the industry.

You can rest assured that each vendor listed below provides a high-quality service and we trust them to maintain excellent standards. Not only do they have glowing reviews from their past couples, but we know from experience that we work very well alongside these incredible people, which only leads to YOU (the couple) getting an even better wedding experience!

By choosing a preferred vendor, you are cutting down your chances for potential disasters, or at least headaches. You have probably heard stories of a DJ playing a terrible or inappropriate song list, or a catering staff destroying the kitchen and leaving a huge mess to clean up. By hiring a preferred vendor, you know you are working with a trusted, top-of-the-line company.


It’s no secret that food plays a big role at weddings. From the cocktail hour to the reception and beyond, it’s important to keep your guests satiated. There have been many horror stories about guests going for hours without even so much as hors d’oeuvres, and this can be a real problem when wedding guests are expected to stick around for a reception dinner that won’t get started until later in the evening.

If you can serve up some delicious food throughout the wedding day, you’re sure to have happy guests. Even better if you hire an Adelaide wedding caterer that serves amazing meals in creative ways.
Meet Jonno at Pillar of Salt Event Catering – an incredibly cool catering company that can help elevate your wedding cuisine through phenomenal flavours and artistic displays. I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for the arancini balls and the decadent chocolate brownies… *droooool*


For couples planning on saying, “I do,” a wedding celebrant or officiant is an essential part of the ceremony. Even though a wedding ceremony may only last 20 minutes, the celebrant plays an important role in getting married.

Typically, an officiant helps you create your ceremony, signs and delivers the marriage license, and performs/guides the wedding ceremony. A good celebrant will also walk you and your partner through each moment and help you feel as relaxed as possible so that you both can enjoy every part of the ceremony.

I can say that Maria and Richard from It Must Be Love Celebrants are hands-down the best civil celebrants I’ve ever come across. With plenty of experience, the husband and wife team have officiated many weddings and makes sure to tailor each ceremony to perfectly reflect the couple’s wishes. From traditional to contemporary, each ceremony is personalised, ensuring a special and meaningful wedding.

DJ and MCs

Most brides don’t realise this until it’s too late and their wedding is over… When people leave your wedding, there is only one thing they are going to talk about: How much fun it was and how great it was to see people.

They won’t care about your thousands in decorating. They won’t care about fancy seats and chair covers. They aren’t going to remember how great dresses and tuxes looked. They won’t even remember half the time how fancy the venue was. They are only going to remember how good the food was and if they had a damn good time at your wedding. That is it.

A professional DJ does so much more than playing music. They make proper announcements, coordinate, and organise your wedding with you. They keep track of the timelines created and make sure that all the other vendors are ready for each specific formality such as the first dance and so on.

Ali at Black Cherry Events is the smoothest-talking and most organised DJ I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Ali delivers the latest banging tunes, the most-loved classics, or any of your personal requests! Not only does he offer DJ and MC services, but the full works too: dry ice (fog), indoor fireworks, dance floor FX lighting, a sax player, percussions, a wireless microphone and top quality speakers. All of his packages are fully customisable to ensure that you get exactly what your heart desires on your wedding day!

And for a DJ and MC who is quick on his feet and banters with each and every guest to create a hilarious reception atmosphere, Richard at It Must Be Love Celebrant is truly your guy. With over 20 years experience, Richard listens to your dreams and works with you to create a fun ceremony and reception that is not only personal, but VERY interactive with your guests on the day!


Among all the wedding decor decisions a couple will make, picking out the floral arrangements is probably one of the most fun, but also challenging. There are so many kinds, colours, and shapes! They’re all beautiful on their own, but which ones go together? Where do you find them? How do you make sure they’re fresh for the wedding day?

That’s where a professional wedding florist comes in. A floral designer is able to create blooming works of art that can transform your wedding venues.

That’s why finding a professional wedding florist is such a big deal. You want someone who not only has experience, but understands your vision and style. You want someone who is fun to work with and “gets you.”

I have seen some gorgeousss bouquets over the years, but I have to admit that the most eye-catching was one from Adelaide’s Bonnie Blooms. Every one of her designs feature the best of the season and focus on sourcing locally-grown flowers, foliages and textures, ensuring the longest shelf-life for your flowers.

Event Planner

Wedding planners are a dream come true. They’re highly creative and organised earth angels who take the stress and complexity out of wedding planning. They also have a magical ability to transform abstract ideas into amazing real-life creations. 

If you want a smooth wedding-planning experience and be able to truly enjoy every moment of your big day, I recommend Sonia Madeline Events. Sonia devotes her time to making your wedding dreams come true. She assists you with sourcing the best suppliers that suit your needs & keeping you on track with the wedding planning guidelines. Behind the scenes she liaises with your suppliers, builds your run sheet, draws up floor plans & so much more. While taking care of all of the logistics & organisation, she saves you a tonne of time & stress!

Cake Maker

Ah, the wedding cake. The confectionary pièce de résistance of the big day. A detail so significant, it has its very own moment at the reception. Who would’ve thought a baked good could be elevated to such high esteem? Well, basically, anyone that’s been dreaming about their wedding day since they can remember. And while everyone loves wedding cake, choosing what to serve for this momentous occasion is no cakewalk.

You’ve got your fillings and frostings, aplenty. More styles and visual adornments than we can ever even imagine. And then there are toppers and dessert tables, and…oh my. If you’re starting to get a little overwhelmed and getting ready to wave the white flag, don’t worry – Flower & Sugar Cakes have got you covered.

Trust me – I’ve never tasted cakes so enriched in flavour that one slice satisfied me completely. They not only taste delicious though, their Couture Cakes look next level and are sure to offer value for money long after the photos are taken.

Check out more of my helpful tips and resources for your wedding day. Or if there’s something I haven’t covered, get in touch and ask away!