Krystyna and Dan

Krystyna and Dan’s wedding was untraditional in every sense but no less beautiful than any other. They started their day together by doing a First Look at their preparation location at Oxenberry Farm in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Dan’s reaction was so sweet to watch – he was so genuinely taken- back by how how beautiful Krystyna looked (I mean, not that he would’ve expected anything less – she looked truly incredible). They decided to do their couples photos and bridal party photos before leaving for the ceremony which left them more time to spend with their family and friends at the reception.

Krystyna and Dan walked hand-in-hand down the aisle together, but the biggest twist of the day was that the ceremony was only a brief 2 minutes from start to finish! It was more surprising to me that a ceremony could even be that quick than when the sprinklers randomly turned on during the certificate signing! Now there’s a story to tell the grandkids one day!

Beach Road Wines in McLaren Vale, South Australia provided a stunning view of the rolling hills and golden sunset, as per usual. The DJ got everyone onto the dance floor – even Nanna! And despite a glass of red wine being spilled onto a groomsman’s light grey jacket, the guests had a fantastic time, dancing, grinding and getting down to the classic R’n’B tunes we all know and love.

Shot for Josh Huggett Media.

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