Kaya and Mackenzie

With Mackenzie’s best man showing up in a vintage wedding dress, and Kaya’s Polish father pouring rounds of vodka shots for every single guest, their wedding sure was a party to remember! The rainy weather didn’t stop the Manor Basket Range from being a simply stunning backdrop for this gorgeous bride and groom. The wet slate and lush greenery created such a beautiful atmosphere and complimented Kaya’s elegance perfectly. 

One of the most memorable moments of the day was when Kaya’s maid of honour got up to deliver her speech and *finally* explained why all the Polish guests were yelling ‘Gorzko’ all night. She said that it meant ‘bitter’ in Polish and when something is bitter, it must be counteracted with something sweet, and so the bride and groom are encouraged to kiss. (How CUTE!? 😍) 

The first dance did not disappoint either… When Mackenzie and I first met, he told me his favourite singer was Justin Bieber, and I honestly thought he was joking… But no – I was truly surprised when they busted out some killer dance moves to Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care. Original and entertaining! I loved it!