Jade and Carl

After meticulously planning their engagement-party-turned-surprise-wedding at the Mawson Lakes Watershed, nothing could have prepared them for the shenanigans that occurred 5 minutes before the party was due to begin… The entire block had a power outage. I was driving into the carpark thinking to myself, “This venue really needs some lights, I can’t see sh*t”. And it wasn’t until I walked into the room to see poor Jade standing there, completely unsure of what to do, that it clicked that the darkness wasn’t deliberate.

I was reasonably unbothered by this as I used my flash, but unfortunately this meant that there was no music, no lights and limited drinks. The ceremony still went ahead by candle-light (until Jade and Carl’s little boys blew out the flames and we were, once again, surrounded by darkness). The silver-lining was that they were able to get married and now they have an unforgettable story to tell.

The newlyweds decided to pack up the night earlier than planned, and as soon as they stepped foot outside the venue door, the lights switched back on. What a night 😭