How to Honour Your Pets at Your Wedding

Dog at wedding

As you wedding plan and scroll through all the real wedding photos on Instagram, Pinterest, wedding blogs, and the like, you might come across photos of couples who were able to include their pets in their wedding. Sometimes it’s a dog walking down the aisle with one of the rings attached to a pillow on its neck and other times it’s a furry friend showing up for group photos.

It’s awesome that these couples were able to celebrate their wedding day with their fur babies, but there are also many couples who aren’t able to do so for various reasons.

Maybe you’re one of those people who would be over the moon to include your beloved pet, but your venue doesn’t allow it or your dog would be too anxious or you fear a guest might have an allergic reaction.

Whatever the case, there are still fun and creative ways you can honour your pets without them actually being at the wedding.

Create a Signature Cocktail

There are plenty of cocktails named after animals (salty chihuahua, pink squirrel, rooster tail), so why not put a spin on these by creating your own wedding cocktail to honour your pet? You could even set up a sign that describes the drink and how it symbolises the pet. For example: The Daphini (Daphne + Martini), chosen because it’s as sophisticated as your dog Daphne.

Top Off the Cake

Search “pet cake topper” on Etsy and you’ll see a variety of cake toppers that include pets. Some are sweet and simple illustrations, others are laser cut designs, and some are customised artistic pieces that resemble the couple and their pets.

Set Up a Treat Bar

This one is just for the dogs or cats…or both! Set up a small station where guests can fill a bag or box with treats to take home to their own fur babies. You might also want to put a sign that says something like, “These treats are for dogs only!” just so guests don’t think you’ve set up some kind of strange dessert bar and bite into a meat-flavoured biscuit.

Treats for Humans

Your guests can enjoy treats as well, like cookies shaped like your pet’s silhouette or a cake that resembles your dog. There are plenty of talented dessert designers who can create sweets to honour your two and four legged friends.

Decorate With Photos

One of the simplest ways to include and honour your pets at the wedding is to use photos of them as decor. This could be individual photos of the pet or family photos. Place them on the guestbook table, use them as table numbers or escort cards, or hang photos and use as a backdrop for the treat bar/dessert table.

Include Them in the Program

Shout out to your furry, feathered, or scaly friends with a section dedicated to them in the program. Label it something like, “Pets of Honour” and display the names and photos of those celebrating from home.

In Lieu of Favours

A sweet way to honour your pets at your wedding is to let guests know that in lieu of favours or gifts you would like them to donate to an animal shelter or charity. If you would rather guests donate than buy a wedding gift, let them know on the invitation. If you would like to donate to a charity or shelter instead of sending guests home with favours, make your intentions clear by placing a note at each place setting, a sign at each table, or a larger sign (perhaps with your pet’s photo on it) near a populated area (like the cake table).

Pets are like family members, so why not honour them during one of the best days of your life? And besides, who doesn’t love looking at cute animal photos?

Check out more of my helpful tips and resources for your wedding day. Or if there’s something I haven’t covered, get in touch and ask away!