How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Frame Wall Art

Did you know that professional photography is one of the top things couples invest in for their wedding? Wedding photos are a big deal! They serve as lasting memories – ones you can hold in your hands and treasure for years to come.

If you’re one of the many couples saying “I do” to a wedding photographer, or if your big day has already come and gone and you’re wondering what to do with all of those gorgeous photos, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m willing to bet that the first thing you’ll do after you receive your photos is share across social media. But what should you do with them after that, and how can you get the most use out of your investment? Here are some fun, creative, and practical wedding photo ideas.

Put them on Display

You may have already planned on displaying your wedding photos in your home and/or office, but don’t just stop at putting them in a frame and setting them on the coffee table.

A creative way to display your photos is by designing a gallery wall. All you have to do is map out a grid on your chosen wall and place photos in identical frames or create a mix and match look by staggering various frame shapes, sizes, and styles. Create an elegant look by printing your photos in black and white and hanging in gold or silver frames or infuse a more whimsical vibe into your gallery wall by mixing in mirrors, fun prints, wall letters, etc.

Another way to display your wedding photos is by adorning a mantel or floating shelf with your favourite prints (use the cluster technique), wedding keepsakes, greenery, etc.

Other display ideas:

  • Add to your bedside table or desk
  • Hang in your office
  • Put into a digital frame
  • Create a shadow box
  • Make into an art display (hang off a branch or put into a wreath)

Invest in a Wedding Album

A wedding album is a great way to collect and store all of your favourite photos. We offer high quality, professional albums that are made in Adelaide and are fully customisable, so be sure to ask about them if you’re interested. 

If your photographer doesn’t offer albums, you can always create one yourself using one of the many online design services. The DIY way allows you to illustrate your love story through photos, colours, patterns, embellishments, wording, etc. After you receive your wedding album, you can display it on your coffee table as an art book.

Create a Calendar

This is another DIY project that works great in conjunction with wedding photos. Again, there are a plethora of online printing services and in-person copy shops that can help you create a personalised photo calendar that you can hang in your home and/or give as a gift to family members

Submit to a Blog

If you want to see your wedding photos lit up in the public sphere (15 minutes of fame, anyone?), talk to your photographer about submitting them to your favourite wedding blogs. Whether the photos get featured will depend on each blog’s submission criteria and if your photo style/wedding theme fits the blog’s aesthetic. Read through the submission details on the websites you would like to submit to and discuss the process with your wedding photographer before sending out anything.

Give as Gifts

Family members will for sure want you to share your wedding photos with them, so why not surprise them with a few photo gifts? Think framed prints, loose prints, the calendar you created, a parent photo album, mugs, pillows, coasters, and canvas prints.

Put in Thank You Cards

You’re planning on sending out thank you cards anyway, so why not include one of your wedding photos into each card? If you want to go the extra mile, consider a custom photo for each recipient – perhaps a candid captured moment of the guest or a group photo he or she was a part of.

Even if your wedding was a year or more ago, it’s never too late to get out those photos and create something new from them. Get the most out of your investment and your photographer’s creativity and talent by sharing, displaying, and cherishing your wedding photos each and every day.

Check out more of my helpful tips and resources for your wedding day. Or if there’s something I haven’t covered, get in touch and ask away!