Ellie and Matt

As Ellie and Matt’s wedding day approached, they eagerly anticipated the beautiful moments that would be captured in their photographs. When it came to the pictures of just the two of them, they envisioned a collection that was romantic, fun, and filled with genuine emotion. They wanted their love to shine through in every shot, with Carrick Hills’ lush gardens and vibrant flowers in the background.

But their expectations went beyond just their own portraits. Ellie and Matt wanted their wedding day photography to be easy-going and stress-free. They wanted to fully enjoy their special day without worrying about posing or staging perfect shots. They wanted their pictures to capture the essence of the event, from the emotional exchange of vows, to the laughter and dancing that would fill the reception at the Stamford Grand.

With their relaxed and easy-going approach, Ellie and Matt were excited to see their wedding day unfold naturally. Ultimately, Ellie and Matt’s expectations were centred around the belief that their wedding day would reflect the genuine love and happiness that filled the air – which it definitely did!