5 Entertaining Wedding Activities For Kids

Wedding Activities for Kids

If you’re one of the many couples who has decided to let the little ones attend your wedding, you might be wondering how in the world you’ll keep them entertained. Especially during the ceremony and speeches. Kids tend to get bored easily (remember when you had that much energy?), which can lead to fussiness and endless hours of, “Mum, is it over yet?” But keeping the kiddos just as happy and entertained as the grown ups isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

Keep reading for some kids’ wedding activity ideas that are easy to incorporate into your big day.

1 – Give Them an Important Role

You can help your younger guests feel like they are a part of the action by giving them an important “job.” For example, hand out “official press passes” and disposable cameras to each kid and tell them they’re wedding photographers for the day. You could even supply them with a list of items to photograph, like a photography treasure hunt. Not only will this keep them busy, but you’ll enjoy seeing the photos and how your wedding looked from the eyes of a child.

2 – Set Up a Kids Table

A kids activity table will work wonders during all those “boring” speeches and mushy moments. You can fill the tables with colouring books, puzzles, activity books, markers, crayons, blank paper, stickers, games, and anything else you think will keep the kiddos minds and hands busy.

3 – Hand Out Goodie Bags

If you don’t want to set up an individual table for the kids, but still like the idea of entertaining them with small activities, you can put together goodie bags for each child and place them on their seats before the reception. You can include things like snacks, small toys (keep the ages in mind), bubbles, crayons, and activity books.

4 – Set Out Lawn Games

Depending on what your venue is like and if the weather is nice, you could set up a few outdoor games and activities like hula hoops, bean bag/ring toss, lawn bowling, giant tic tac toe, Jenga, kites, etc.

5 – Create a Kids Cave

A kids cave can act as a single space where are the young ones can go to hang out and entertain themselves. Fill it with bean bags, cushions, tables, and activities all ages can enjoy. Think board games, dress up props (flower crowns, tutus, swords, shields, etc.), and art supplies. You could even pop in a movie or play kid-friendly music.

Whether you choose to incorporate one or a mix of these ideas, you’ll definitely have a bunch of happy and entertained little ones. And let’s face it, when the kids are happy, the grown-ups are happy as well. Plus, you’re likely to get back some unforgettable photos. It’s a win-win! Have fun!

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